Vehicle Authorisation at Site Exit
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Vehicle Authorisation to Leave Site Exit (Security plus Health & Safety solution)

In some circumstances, it is desirable for authorisation to be given to a driver before being allowed to leave a site. Salcom designed a system for a company wishing to have all exiting vehicles approved by a Site Manager, without the need for any personnel to be in the loading yard due to the danger of moving vehicles and heavy loading equipment. The site presented some challenges, as it was a very dense structure of steel and thick concrete walls. Using specialised equipment, the solution enabled the driver to press a hand-held transceiver button from within his cab, in order to alert the Site Manager that he was ready to go. At this point the Site Manager, who was stationed over 100 metres (~330 feet) from the exit barrier, would check his documentation and initiate the barrier using a second hand-held transceiver.
Equipment used: 11-85 & 12:90

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