Netball “Umpire Alert” System
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Netball “Umpire Alert” System

2019 27 Salcom Watch Pager and Screen RH Oblique
2019 27 Salcom Watch Pager Front Alarm
2019 27 Salcom Watch Pager Front Menu

2019 04 Salcom 11 85 0150 1B RH ObliqueThe Salcom Umpire Alert Paging Alert System is a user friendly and practical solution for timing any sports game.
Using the rugged 11-85 UHF transmitter to send a signal to either one or two touch-screen pager-watches, the timing official can alert either one or two Umpires at the right time, simultaneously.

  • Can be used for Netball, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, or any other timed team game;
  • Touch-screen menu;
  • Alert can be audible, flash or vibrate, or all three;
  • Single-pager or two-Pager systems available, tailored to suit your budget;
  • POCSAG USB rechargeable pagers;
  • Battery easily swappable in transmitter;
  • Multiple systems can be used at any sports arena, Salcom can configure them so that there is no “clash”
    between systems, even on adjacent courts/fields.
  • Used by teams throughout New Zealand and Australia


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Umpire Timer Alert System

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