Aviation Band Emergency Transceiver
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Aviation Band Emergency Transceiver

When a distressed yacht has been located during a Search & Rescue mission it is common for the reconnaissance aircraft to drop an expensive hand portable radio to the crew, in order for them to be able to communicate with the aircraft. Salcom developed a waterproof, low cost, robust hand portable for this purpose. The unit is an a.m. transceiver compatible with the aircraft band and is generally tuned to 123.1MHz.


Production testing included a rigorous drop test from a considerable height onto both land and into water, which the unit proving its robust design and build comfortably. At the “Around Alone” yacht race (a single-handed round-the-world event) the race organisers supplied one each to all of the participating contestants. During the event there was a dramatic incident, in which use of the 11-35 Transceiver enabled Giovanni Soldini to rescue another sailor competing in the event, Isabelle Autissier, who was lost at sea and trapped inside her upturned boat.


Equipment used: 11-35

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