Vehicle Weight Monitoring
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Vehicle Weight Monitoring (Health & Safety solution)

Being able to negate the need for any employees to be in a hazardous work area is always advantageous for an employer. With this in mind, Salcom was asked to design a system whereby truck drivers could drive their vehicle onto a vehicle weighing scale and initiate the weighing process without having to leave the cab. A system was designed whereby the driver, using a handheld device (11:85) would simply press the pre-programmed number on the device to weight the vehicle before collecting a load. This provided the nett vehicle weight. The depression of the next button on the hand-held transmitter initiated the tipping of the load from a hopper into the vehicle. The third sequential button depression then triggered the scale to weigh the gross vehicle weight, and finally, the fourth button would print the entire sequence of events (including weight details) onto a receipt slip for the driver to reach from a printer mounted right next to the drivers cab. The whole process was therefore not only conducted successfully without the driver having to leave the vehicle, but no second operator was required to operate the scales or the load hopper. This system can be utilised for a number of different applications.
Equipment used: 11-85 & 12:84

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