Mill Safety Alarm Receiver
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Mill Safety Alarm Receiver

Salcom was approached to provide a safety solution for a steel processing mill. The requirement was to provide an alarm system in the event of steel processing going wrong. A hot slab of steel starts fairly slowly at one end of the mill as it progress through rollers to reduce the thickness from being a wide bar to becoming sheet metal. As it continues through the process the steel speeds up as it passes through the rollers. On occasions, the speeding hot steel will jump from the processing line and presents a real danger to staff as it continues its trajectory, taking any opportunity that it can to eject from the line. In this event the mill alarm is sounded and staff take immediate cover behind protective shelters designed and installed for such eventualities. The solution provided had an on/off switch, protected against accidental activation, a volume control and a mute override button which can be used to communicate in an emergency.

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