Tree “Limbing” Machine - Safety System
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Tree-"Limbing" Machine - Health & Safety Solution

In forestry, "Limbing" (sometimes also called "chasing") is the process of removing branches from the stem of a fallen tree. It is a skilled operation requiring careful safety planning. One of the preferred options for removing branches from the trunk is by using a delimbing machine. However, even this can create a very hazardous environment due to debris from branches and bark during in the removal process. Salcom was asked to provide a solution for a particular type of Limbing machine, in order to initiate both the "grab" and "release" commands of the jaws from the safety of the crane operators cab. The driver would press a button on a cab-mounted transceiver in order to lock the jaws in place prior to the limbing operation and following its completion, a second button depression would release the jaws and the log could safely be removed.
Equipment used: 11-85 & 12-84

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