Ambulance & Fire Service Solutions
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Ambulance & Fire Service Solutions

Over the years, Salcom has supplied Lodgement Boxes for emergency service vehicles throughout New Zealand. There are thousands of vehicles and items that are of critical importance for saving lives and it is important to know the status of each vehicle and piece of equipment at all times. For example, the operational status of a heart defibrillator. Such Lodgement Boxes may have up to ten (10) status buttons, by pushing the appropriate button, the vehicles status will be lodged with the Dispatcher computer so that the information can be readily accessed. Status examples include: “Proceeding to Incident”, “At Incident”, “Returning to Base”, “In Station”, “Out or Service” and “Help”, etc.


Among many others, Salcom has supplied Lodgement Boxes to Wellington Bus, Auckland Bus, New Zealand Fire Service and Wellington Free Ambulance.

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