12-88-7000 VHF/UHF Relay Output Receiver
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12-88-7000 VHF/UHF Relay Output Receiver

The 12-88 is a high sensitivity VHF or UHF Telemetry receiver that controls a single relay and 2 open collector outputs.


The 12-88 is a high sensitivity, ultra low current paging receiver which is able to control a single on-board relay and two open collector outputs.  It is available in two versions, a VHF 12-88-7150 and a UHF 12-88-7450, both  decoding 512 or 1200 baud, alphanumeric or numeric control messages.

The 12-88 is a cost effective remote switching solution which is simple to install and can be configured using any serial terminal program. 

A 12-48 USB or 12-47 serial programming adaptor is required to configure any unit parameters.

To control the outputs a message must be received that matches the units ID with a suitable control code sequence (Salcom relay control protocol).  The received message must also be at the expected baud rate and format. The 12-88 will also respond to a group unit ID of “00”. 

A mono-shot timer can be set to between 0.1 seconds to 6553 seconds for each output allowing the output to open automatically after being closed.  

Setting any output mono-shot timer to 0000 results in the output remaining latched until a message is received to change its current state.

If configured to do so, each output state will be stored and restored to the last set state on power up.

The 12-88 can be configured to respond to up to 4 different cap codes.  

Decoded messages are also sent to the programming connector (serial port). These contain the message payload only, making the output suitable for remote serial control applications.

The 12-88 can be used to:

  • Control equipment by turning the on-board relay on or off upon receipt of a control command;
  • Control low current equipment or external relays by switching the open collector outputs independently upon receipt of an appropriate control command;
  • Send the commands to a PC via the serial output of the paging receiver for remote serial control applications.



Frequency Bands VHF: 136-174MHz   UHF: 440-470MHz
Supply Voltage 10V to 17V, nominal 12V. If relay operation is not required 4-17V can be used
Outputs One relay and two open collector
Current Drain Receive average 5mA plus 18mA when relay energised
Relay contacts 1 Amp@24VDC (not suitable for 240VAC connection)
Open collector max. sink Outputs 2 and 3 can sink 80mA each
Frequency Selection Synthesized, user selectable
RX sensitivity Approx. -121dBm
Receive Bandwidth 10kHz (suitable for 12.5kHz operation)
Serial Connection 9600 Baud N:8:1 (for changing unit parameters and message output)
Aerial Connection Internal PCB, or external matched wire as required
Paging Protocol POCSAG 512 or 1200 Baud
Enclosure Plastic 66mm x 50mm x 26mm with mounting holes
Environmental Protection Needs protection from weather


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