12-76-0000 Telemetry Unit
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12-76-0000 Telemetry Unit

Versatile telemetry unit with multiple digital/analogue inputs and outputs, ability to expand via plug in modules, for maximum compatibility.


The 12-76 is a versatile telemetry module which is capable of being utilised in an enormous range of applications including irrigation and pumping control, building monitoring and security, sewerage, industrial and agricultural systems.

The 12-76 offers 8 digital and 8 analog (variable) inputs with 8 digital and 2 analog outputs.  It operates over conventional radio systems or voice-grade landline circuits depending upon the installed options.

In addition to the dedicated RS232 serial port provided for connection to external equipment,  there is provision to plug in an increasing range of optional modules providing compatibility with a variety of communications devices.  Some of these are:

Modem Module This module allows for direct connection to all SALCOM radios and may be connected to other brands provided that suitable Audio In, Audio Out, PTT and Busy connection points are available. This can also be factory configured for line communication.

Spread Spectrum Radio Module This module provides UHF communications between 12-76 units or other compatible devices without the need for an external radio.

Serial Module This module provides an additional RS232 serial port.


Eight Buffered Digital Inputs:  When activated by pulling to ground, each input will source approximately 2.4 milliamps.

Eight Digital Outputs:  Each output is presented as one pair of clean relay contacts (a switch) which can handle 1 at 24 Volts. Greater loads can be controlled by using the output to switch a higher rated relay.

Eight Analog Inputs: Up to 20 Volts may be applied to these inputs, each of which has an associated trim-pot to calibrate the output of the A to D converter.

When used “back-to-back” with the analog outputs of another 12-76, only inputs 1 and 2 are used, with a resolution of 10 bits (1024 steps).

Analog Outputs:  Two analog outputs are provided.  When used with another 12-76, these reflect the state of inputs 1 and 2 on the remote unit.

  • Software solution available for point to multipoint applications;
  • Simple press-to-insert or release terminations;
  • LED indication of the input/output status;
  • Base plate simplifies wall mounting;
  • Dedicated RS232 port;
  • Optional communications modules;
  • Units can be allocated unique addresses for PC based software control;
  • Made in New Zealand.


Power Supply  13.8V DC
Input Current

50mA @ 13.2V
30mA per active relay
3mA  per acive input

Inputs 8 Digital Inputs
8 Analog Inputs
Outputs 8 Digital Outputs
2 Analog Outputs
Resolution 10 Bit
Dimensions 193mm x 113mm x 50mm



Product Brochure 12-76 Product Brochure
User Manual 12-76 Product Manual
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