12-36-0000 Paging Telephone Voice Interface
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12-36-0000 Paging Telephone Voice Interface

When used in combination with a Salcom Paging Message Transmitter, the 12-36 provides a telephone controlled, voice prompted paging interface. All paging functions available when using a paging message transmitter are also available via the office PABX system from any telephone, by using the telephone keypad.


Users who are unfamiliar with the system are guided through the process by electronically recorded voice prompts. Experienced operators can shortcut the process by entering the appropriate key sequence without waiting for the prompts.

Normal pager and pre-defined message calls (previously programmed into the paging transmitter) are simple to generate from a standard telephone by following the voice prompts.

The 12-36-0000 is pre-programmed with English (default), Spanish and French voice files.  Using 12-36-0000 configuration software it is possible to select a custom voice file option and upload user generated wave files (.wav).

The speed at which the 12-36-0000 answers the call is configurable.

Installation is a straight-forward process involving plugging the 12-36 into the phone jack socket and connecting the unit to a Salcom paging transmitter using a supplied cable.

The 12-36 is housed in an attractive, durable extruded aluminium case with provision on the base plate for wall mounting.

  • Provides a telephone controlled, voice-prompted paging interface to a Salcom Paging Message Transmitter;
  • Simple installation process;
  • LED indication of the unit status;
  • All paging functions available via the office PABX system from any telephone;
  • Automatic Call Termination - if nothing has been entered within 10 seconds of a prompt being issued, the unit hangs up;
  • Voice prompts guide users through the paging process;
  • Voice prompts can be over-ridden by experienced users;
  • Factory pre-programmed with English (default), Spanish and French voice files;
  • Configuration software allows users to select custom voice files and upload their own wave files (.wav);
  • Configurable call answer-time allowing the voice interface to use a common phone line if desired;
  • PC programming via a USB interface;
  • Rugged extruded aluminium case.


Technical Specification

12-36-0000 Paging Telephone Voice Interface
Power Supply +13.8V typical (11 to 15 VDC range)
Power Consumption Normal Operation: 45mA
Configuration Application 12-36 PSD
Serial Port 9600 , N, 8, 1; USB 
Other I/O Telephone Interface: 2-Wire, 600Ω dc blocked transformer with electronic loop and optically isolated ring detector
Languages Supported English, French and Spanish. User may support any other language by uploading their own Wav files
Connectors Paging transmitter interface (RS232) = RJ12 (6P6C)
Phone connection = RJ11 (6P4C)
Programming = mini USB 
Power Connector 2-way plug & socket, screw connections (supplied)
Environmental Protection Not suitable for outdoor use and should be protected from adverse environmental conditions
Operating Temperature -10ºC to +50ºC (+14ºF to +122ºF)

Power LED (Green)

   - Slow Flashing = Normal Operation
Status LED (Red)

   - On = Processing Call

   - Flashing = Error Condition
Weight 302g
Enclosure Dimensions 100mm x 130mm x 30mm (WxDxH)
Enclosure Material Extruded aluminium
Colour Matt black
Type Approvals AS/NZS CISPR 22:2009 (EMC)
EN 55022:2006+A1:2007 (EMC)


Product Brochure 12-36 Product Brochure
User Manual 12-36 Product Manual
Configuration Tool 12-36 Configuration Tool

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