Hospitality Coaster Pager System
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Hospitality Coaster Pager System

Improve your customer experience and reduce labour costs with the Hospitality Coaster Pager System which can support up to 100 coasters.
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A perfect paging solution for fast-food and bistro environments, the Salcom Coaster Pager system utilizes the robust, high performance Salcom Coaster paging receiver and a powerful 4 Watt transmitter. The pagers flash, vibrate and beep to alert customers that their order is ready to be picked up.

Customers are more relaxed and happier as they now know exactly when their order is ready.

They no longer have to wait for their number to be called on an overhead paging system or displayed on a light board, which often are not seen or heard, and can result in customer dissatisfaction.

Customers can make use of any other facilities your venue has to offer while awaiting a meal, increasing your revenue potential. When the meal or table is ready they will receive a personal page via the paging system.

No more queues or congested service areas!


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