Entry Level Coaster Paging System
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Entry Level Coaster Paging System

Improve your customer experience and reduce labour costs with the 8 Coaster Entry Level Pager System

The combination of eight Salcom Coaster paging receivers and a Salcom eight button paging transmitter provides a cost-effective paging solution for fast food and bistro environments.

While it can be ulitised for a range of applications, the Entry Level Coaster Paging System is an ideal customer communication solution for smaller fast-food and bistro establishments. The paging system comprises of up to eight Salcom Coaster paging receivers and an eight button paging transmitter.

The Coaster paging receivers flash, vibrate and beep to alert customers that their order is ready to be picked up.

Customers no longer have to wait at the counter or at a table for their number to be called on an overhead paging system, displayed on a light board, or for their meal to be delivered. The pagers notify customers with a beep, flash and vibration the instant their meal is available.

The Entry Level Coaster Pager System helps you to be more profitable by reducing the labour costs involved in having staff run meals to waiting customers. Many operators pay for their system in months with the saving in labour costs. You will efficiently manage your guest flow and create a quieter, more inviting ambience.

Most customers prefer the system, freeing them up to make use of other facilities that the establishment may offer while waiting for their meal.

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