Ambulance Call-Out
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NZ Ambulance Service Call-Out

For rural outstations the 111 emergency calls (equivalent of UK 999 calls or US 911) are answered by the Regional Call Centre and sent to the Auckland Head Office where they are sent up to the Freeview Satellite together with the TV signals. Each rural ambulance outstation has a Sky Decoder which is connected to a Salcom decoder which responds to the relevant call-out signal for that outstation. The Salcom decoder turns on a Salcom transmitter which transmits a paging signal to personnel carrying pagers. The Salcom transmitter can be easily re-encoded for any of the pagers operating at that ambulance outstation. As a result, the ambulance outstation can respond 24/7 to emergency calls while personnel cover after-hours calls from home on a call-out basis. To increase call-out effectiveness, Salcom can supply “in-fill” equipment to cover “dead spots” not covered by the ambulance station transmitter.

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