19-31-5100 GSM Remote Telemetry Unit
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19-31-5100 GSM Remote Telemetry Unit

GSM remote control and metering unit.


The 19-31-5100 RTU5011 is a GSM remote control and metering unit. It allows you to monitor and control equipment or machines by SMS (Short Message Service). It has multi I/O ports and can transmit data from a multitude of sensors to monitor the status of many installations using a mobile phone or PC.

Using a mobile phone or modem equipped computer this unit is designed to connect to sensors that monitor the status of a machine or industrial plant.

Using SMS, intelligent information can be sent to an operator about simple on/off conditions of a machine but the unit is also capable of conveying analogue information about the status of parameters like fluid levels, pressure, temperature, voltage, current and many others.

As well as being able to monitor, it can also be used to send instructions back to the site. The operator is able to control functions by sending instructions back in response to sensor data received.

All this can be done remotely at any distance as long as there is mobile phone coverage at both ends.

  • 2 watchdog systems allow 24/7 operation;
  • Bi-directional data transmission;
  • Multiple logic inputs. Dry contact or up to 5 volts;
  • Multiple open collector outputs (4 and 8 depending on model);
  • Can read logic input status by SMS;
  • Up to 10 mobile phones can be set within the unit;
  • Password protected; prevents un-authorized use;
  • Can be set up and programmed from a GSM phone or PC;
  • Each logic input can be assigned to one or more outputs; 
  • An "arm" or "disarm" button is available to a user;
  • Timer can be set to report periodically or when the unit has been triggered;
  • Time-stamped alarm messages;
  • Comes in a rugged steel case;
  • Has external GSM antenna connector for use with high-gain antennas if required;
  • Can monitor actions and inputs via serial port;
  • Works on GSM network;

Typical uses may include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Building security and access control;
  • Water or sewage pumping stations;
  • River monitoring and flood control;
  • Oil and gas pipelines;
  • Energy saving street lighting control;
  • Tanks, levels, temperature and water leakage applications;
  • Electrical sub-station monitoring;
  • Unmanned machine rooms;
  • Control room applications;
  • Vending machine monitoring;
  • Weather stations;
  • Valve control.


Power Supply  Adapter DC 12 volts 1.5A (12-24 Volts DC)
Power consumption 50mA @ 12 Volts
Frequency 900/1800, compatible with GSM Phase 2/2 + 
SIM card 3V Sim card
Antenna 50Ω SMA Antenna connector
Serial RS-232C Default parameters 9600,n,8,0,1
Temperature Range -10 to +70 degC
Humidity Range 95% Relative Humidity (Condensation Free)
Output Drive Voltage Equal to DC input voltage
Output Drive Current 200mA
On State Input Current 0.33mA maximum
Input Signal Dry contact of 0-3.3 Volts
Weight 130 grams
Model Number  Features
 RTU-5010 4 digital inputs, 4 open collector outputs, 1 RS232 port 
 RTU-5011 8 digital inputs, 8 open collector outputs, 1 RS232 port, 4 analogue inputs (0-50mA scalable) 


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