12-86-9000 Call Point Transmitter
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12-86-9000 Call Point Transmitter

440 - 470MHz POCSAG callpoint paging transmitter, suitable for use in supermarkets or department stores.


Suited to a variety of retail assistance, security and control applications, the 12-86-9000 is a small, high specification, POCSAG paging transmitter, utilising the 12-86-5000 paging transmitter printed circuit board, subsequently inheriting all its' type approvals. The unit also incorporates a receiver which checks to see if the channel is busy before transmitting.  It is capable of transmitting text messages directly to pocket pagers.

The 12-86 range of products can send text messages directly to paging receivers, providing simpler, lower cost systems since intermediate receivers and transmitters are not required for short range applications.

Using an appropriate receiver, the 12-86-9000 can also be used for general remote control applications such as turning on lights, disabling alarms etc.

Powered by a standard CR2032 coin cell, the transmitter will operate for more than one thousand transmissions under normal conditions before the battery needs to be replaced.

12-86 transmitters support up to five inputs, each of which can be programmed with up to a thirty five character message.

The units can be programmed with a serial programming cable (purchased separately) or they can be supplied pre-programmed. Programming software is available for download from the Salcom web site (www.salcom.com).

Although the 12-86 is a low power transmitter, when used as a callpoint paging transmitter, a direct line of sight range of up to eight hundred metres can be expected. When used within buildings the range will be reduced depending upon the building, but will remain significant.

The 12-86-9000 fits the form factor of many standard electrical face-plates so that it can remain in keeping with the surrounding switch gear in cosmetically sensitive areas.

By default the 12-86-9000 is supplied with a mounting block, but it can be flush mounted in the same manner as most electrical switch plates if required.

The transmitter is available in two sizes and is also available in black. By default it is supplied in white in the small form factor.

12-86-5000 Paging Transmitter PCB

The 12-86-5000 transmitter PCB used in this product is a small low cost, high specification bare printed circuit board paging transmitter measuring 60mm by 31mm and only 6mm deep with the battery fitted.

It has been tested and type approved as a bare printed circuit board allowing integration into other products without further type approval and/or testing being required.


Power Supply  3 volt CR2032 button cell
RF Frequency UHF: 440-470 MHz synthesized
Input Current Standby: 100nA   Transmit: 45mA
Battery life Approx. 1000 transmissions
Approx. 10 years standby
Battery life FSK & True FM for Audio
Output Power  Approx. 10dBm
Modulation Carrier FSK with NRZ data
Deviation ±4.5kHz
Transmit Duty Cycle Up to 20%, 30 seconds continuous
Baud Rate 512 Baud
Message Format POCSAG
Available Colours White (default) or black
Enclosure Default size: 103mm x 50mmx 42mm
On request: 117mm x 74mm x 37mm
Environmental Protection Requires protection from weather
Operating temperature

-10 to +55 degC
-30 to +60 degC on request

Type Approval AS/NZS 4769.1:2000 and EN 2242
Tested to and meets FCC Part 90


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